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Jane Baxter, the originator of this falafel recipe, highly recommends British grown organic beans from Hodmedods , who sell them online too. You need these unassuming beans in your life, I promise you. Which leads me on to what exactly an Egyptian falafel is. It is a falafel shaped from broad beans with spices, herbs and other joy, coated with sesame seeds. A lovely alternative to the chickpea falafel we all know so well. Have you got a favourite falafel recipe or story? I have many! I used to live on them when I was fresh out of university and living in Amsterdam.

Technique Cooking Tom Yam Shrimp Soup with Coconut water Recipe for Food eating delicious

Another day for those, but tell me yours! Jane serves it with different sides, and there is a lovely story attached to how they sourced it too. One for the veggies? One for all of us. This was one of those things that came together randomly in a helter skelter way, and I am so glad that it did. When I was in France recently I bought some dried chickpeas from a farmer at the market. I cooked half of them last week, and they were so lovely.

Great texture and taste, and even though they were dried, they were fresh, if you know what I mean? The cooked until plump and with bite. I was thrilled with them and saved the rest of my stash for this week. Sometimes the world is with you, and sometimes it is not. Equally sometimes your fridge is with you, and sometimes it is not.

Mix it Up in the Kitchen With 14 Unique Ways to Prepare Tomatoes

Sometimes your fridge can be a nasty twisted beast. Last week when I came home from France to discover that my fridge had been off all weekend, well that was a moment where my fridge was being a poison troll. Today, when I shuffled through it and put together the makings of lunch, it was definitely trying to make amends. I have always loved a cupboard forage and it is exactly this MacGyver skill level that brought lunch to my door this lunchtime.

I woke this morning feeling so tired but quite chirpy. I want to start the week well. It could be that spring is coming and I can feel it in my bones, and see it in the sky. Maybe it is the lovely weekend that I just spent in Lapland, the people I met, and the huskies, reindeer and general gorgeousness.

Lately, I am increasingly aware of time, how precious it is, and how much I want to do. Our lives are in our hands, right?

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It sounds so simple, but like all simple things, it can be difficult to realise and implement. The last 18 months have presented many challenges and I have felt overwhelmed and swept away at times. My Dad passing away, of course, this takes time to absorb and heal.

The mammoth project that Project: Bacon turned out to be my bacon opus is nearly there now, I am very pleased to reveal , and my responsibilities to my wonderful backers has been a huge part of this.

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  7. I feel each disappointment keenly as they wait and I am further delayed. Life can kick and tease but it can also take your hand and dance with you. I want to do more dancing, and in colour.

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    Regular readers and fellow twitterers will know that I am a big fan of pork belly! An inexpensive but delicious cut of meat, that is transformed into a thing of crispy wonder when given the right amount of care and attention. Spiced with star anise or sweetened with cider and sporting a crispy coat of crackling, it is one of my favourite things to eat in this world. So, you can imagine my delight when a restaurant local to work started serving pork belly sandwiches at lunch time. Many of you will be familiar with it from the TV show, The Urban Chef, that tracked the setup and opening of this fine establishment.

    The new lunch menu is of a similar ilk to the old cafe. The salads are wonderful, fresh, vibrant and dressed beautifully and the soups are packed with flavour and colour e. There are also more traditional main courses at normal a la carte prices like pan roast Mersea sea bass, jerusalem artichoke pierogi, slow-cooked shoulder of Amersham mutton and braised Amersham pheasant legs.

    The delicate flesh and the crispy crackling, with the fat seeping into the bread. Oh god, I want one now. This has been a great couple of weeks for festivities. It certainly takes the bite out of the impending Winter! Last week was busy but I did sneak in a dish that would in some way cover Diwali and Halloween, well, kind of.

    Diwali being a Hindu festival is all about vegetarian food, particularly curry, snacks and sweets. As for Halloween, well, Halloween is about spooks and scary things, but also pumpkins, so I thought, why not make a veggie curry with pumpkin in?

    Or, in this case, butternut squash. I had an ulterior motive, I felt I needed a few veggie days, or veggie meals at least. So, beans, veg, tomato and coconut seemed like a good alternative to a chorizo stew! I made this on a weekday evening and it was absolutely manageable. I used a small butternut squash about inches high.

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    The spice blend is very basic. I just used what I had in my cupboard. It works, though! This will serve 4. I served it with steamed basmati rice. It keeps well, indeed like most tomato based dishes, tastes better the next day. I am almost there, but not quite. So, how to go about this? Spend a Sunday morning wandering around the food halls of London, unintentionally picking up the ingredients. They also cook in the dish, imparting their goodness to the finished dish. I cook the beans first with herbs and garlic to add more flavour, but keep the water the beans were cooked in and use it to add to the stock keeping it withinn ml.

    I am using pumpkin alot lately, I know. I love just having them on my kitchen windsill, brightening the place up. Yes, sad, I know. The rest was dedicated to Niamheen and her Rice and Chorizo and Squash thing. Seriously, it was like eating insulation. But in a good way.

    Mom’s Curried Butternut Squash Soup

    I think that I eat this way, as, when I was vegetarian for 11 years , I was extremely conscious of nutrition and ensuring that I had a balanced diet that I often mixed grains, pulses and veg. I still do, only now I stick meat in also. So, I thought that I might attempt a lighter, lunch friendly version without the chorizo. You can get it in the kosher section of supermarkets or middle eastern shops usually.

    Eats well hot or cold. The quantities are a bit vague, as I was using left over bits of squash and handfuls of this and that, use this just as a guide and add more of whatever you prefer, I might add more beans if I was making it again. I love Lebanese food.

    The flavours are so fresh and lively, and the meze style eating is varied and so sociable. London is awash with great Lebanese restaurants, particularly around the Edgware Rd area. The Maroush chain of restaurants in London have a deli on the Edgware Rd, where I used to treat myself to moutabal when I lived in nearby Kilburn, a smoky aubergine dip, not unlike baba ghanoush from Egypt.

    To make moutabal you need to grill some aubergines over a gas flame until the skin is burned and the flesh is hot. Take care not to use too much tahini as it can dominate the dish, I add 2 tbsp usually, but taste as you go, as sometimes it needs a bit more or less. I think I would add a clove next time as I love the taste of garlic. Anyone know if it should be in there or not? Serve with toasted flatbread or pita bread.

    Happy Halloween! I love festive occasions, any excuse for a bit of fun and a party. Halloween was one of my favourites as a child.