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Meditation is the state of no-mind: no society within you, no conditioning within you. Just you, with your pure consciousness.

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Consciousness is eternal, one. It is not different in the morning and different in the evening. It is not different when you are born and different when you die. It is one and the same, eternal. Mind is a flux. A child has a childish mind, an old man has an old mind; but a child or an old man have the same consciousness, which is neither childish nor old.

It cannot be. They are not one. But we are identified with the mind. I think this way. This is my thought.

This is my ideology. They have been given to you by others: your parents, your society, your university.

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They have been given to you. Throw them away. This is how one moves from the mind to meditation. This is how one moves away from society, from the without to the within. This is how one moves from the man-made world, the maya, to the universal truth, the existence.

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For example, prior to learning meditation, you may have become angry and frustrated each time your children forgot to put their toys away or your mother calls to criticize you. Often, new meditators come to me frustrated as they try to harness the mind or push thoughts away. They find it difficult and anxiety-provoking to sit down to meditate. They keep trying and feel they never arrive at the peacefulness they seek. The key is to allow the mind to be what it is; accept it as it is.

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Treat it with kindness and compassion. Once you do this, you might even find yourself amused and laughing at what it does. Reticent to take my advice, my son remained at the shore. I took my board and went out about 15 to 20 feet. Then lying on the board, I allowed the waves to gently rock me where they wanted to take me.

Slowly my board and I became a part of the rhythmic flow. It felt calm, peaceful, and safe. As I turned my gaze toward the shore, I saw swimmers struggling and being knocked over as they battled through the forceful crashing waves, often while keeping one foot on the sand. Yet, there I was serene and observant in deep waters.

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The unknown can be scary. Even in chaos, with one foot still on the ground, we feel safer. Let go and learn to trust that your inner self, beyond the mind, will take you where you need to go. Let yourself be carried by it, instead of fighting through it.

1. Do a workout.

And you, too, will become one with the flow and rhythm of the entire universe. To go deeper into your meditation practice and learn how to reap the full benefits of silent meditation, sign up for our Silent Awakenings retreat. Search form Search.

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Not only is it an opportunity to silence your mind and take some time out from your crazy stressful life. It also has the following benefits:.

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