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Can dreams carry messages from loved-ones who have died?

My Mother was ill, and I carried her in my arms to the hospital. As I approached the emergency check-in, I explained to the lady that my Mom needed to see a Dr.

After Death Visitation Dreams

I felt a presence next to me. I turned to my right, and it was my brother who passed years before. He was beautiful and healthy. He smiled, as though he understood, turned and walked away laughing. My Mom passed away a few months later.

It was real, and there was no question I communicated with my brother. I know they are together. What a beautiful dream. Thank you for sharing your dream with all of us my dear friend. And yes. Love you my Earth Angel Sister and Friend!

Visitation Dreams: How To Know For Sure

Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The encounter with a deceased relative has a precise meaning. It can be a warning, a news or a very important information for the person who dreams. If we have a seriously ill person in the family and a deceased relative speaks to us, the received message needs to be carefully considered as the spirit of a deceased person comes to convey a message.

Often, business people who are in financial trouble receive a warning or a solution from their dead relatives or friends. Also, those who have gone out into the eternity may appear in the dream of the people they have loved in earthly life to help them escape tribulation. Dream interpretation from a religious perspective may stir you up. From a psychological point of view , to dream of a deceased person can signify the end of one stage of your life.

However, if the person you are dreaming of has recently died , you do not have to worry. It means that you still suffer, which is perfectly normal. You may feel unmotivated, and you may feel as though you are not able to advance in life, no matter how hard you strive. So the deceased person in the dream can be part of you that you wish to leave behind. Depending on the circumstances in which the deceased person appears in the dream, there are two further interpretations :.

You may feel lonely and this is reflected in what you dream about. Such a dream, in which a spirit shows you the way, can be very refreshing in difficult times. Yet, it does not mean that dreaming of a person who has occupied an important place in your life is always an attempt of reconnection or a direct message from them.

This is why there are a few characteristics of the visitation dreams. Perhaps the most distinguishable characteristic of a visitation dream is that it feels vivid and real. When a loved person appears in our dream, you will wake up relaxed, reassured and peaceful.

If the dream makes you feel uncomfortable , worried or scared, then it is unlikely that you have been visited by good spirits. The dream is not confusing. Whether the person communicates with you through words or actions, the message is clear. Symbolistic dreams that will leave you guessing are not visitation dreams. The person who visits our dreams is healthy, positive, calm and never sad, sick or injured.

Furthermore, their behavior or message will not cause you distress. Although this may not be a common characteristic, you may notice that the person visiting you appears younger than they looked when they passed away. This may mean that they felt at their best at a particular age. Since the dream feels real, every contact with the person will intensify the experience. For example, if you held hands, it is most likely that the feeling will be intense. The action of the dream will not be made of pieces that you will have to connect in order to make sense of the spiritual message.

Visitation Dreams: What is it? And Why Are They Important? - Mind Body Soul Food

The sequence of the events or words flow and follow an order. Since the action, the message and the overall experience feel real, it will be easier for you to remember and describe every aspect and sensation you experienced even in few years time. The appearance of a deceased loved person in our dreams is a sign of love; that they are by our side, watching over us. You will certainly feel reassured and comfortable after they visit, even if it is for a brief moment. The last was extremely intense and made me remember the other one I also had.

She had palliative care in our home and passed here. Anyway, the first dream was quick but very overwhelming. I knew she was deceased and I panicked in the dream. I was so overwhelmed. I guess the dream disconeccted? Fast forward a couple nights ago. I was in the clouds or something? Up high, misty and foggy?

My mother again was apart of the mist. She gaze upon me with love in her eyes. No words. I was being drawn one with her and she put her hands out.

I eventually got her hands. This time I did get the hands. This time I was a little more brave I guess lol. If she is visiting me, why does she not speak? Last Night I had a Visitation Dream. I used to see human being with cut off head with Black shadow. I often had this type of visitation dreams. I just had a very vivid dream last night, my uncle who is deceased he looked a lot younger and healthier was to the right of me and my dad who is not deceased was to the left of me.

We were riding down a road, my uncle then hands me what looked like smoke, but had the consistency of web. So I did. The windshield then becomes like a window or movie?