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Communale ms In IV Sent. Secunda Lectura : Rome, Vat. Goes against the Olivian theory of the union of the intellective faculties of the soul with the body]. Memorialia Quaestionum : Todi, 95 ff. Sylvain Piron suggests that this is an abbreviation of his Quodlibet, and could have been disputed in Paris around Whether this coheres with the fact that Vitalis at that time was in his lectorate program needs further research. Quaestio de Paupertate : a. Madrid Nac.

Librum Sententiarum, Dist.

Read PDF 21 Giorni: Diario Di Un Ritiro Spirituale (Italian Edition)

Speculum morale totius Sacrae Scripturae Lyon, en ; B. Junta ed. Commentario super Apocalypsim. Alexander Halensis, Commentario in Apocalypsim. Expositio in Apocalypsim. II, 5.

Ritiro spirituale "i 4 Elementi" - Testimonianza di Cristina

Trente, Quodlibeta tria , ed. Delorme ed. Tractatus de Primo Rerum Omnium Principio , ed. Wadding, in: Ioh. Duns Scoti Opera Omnia Lyon, , t. Duns Scoti Opera Omnia , ed. Vives Paris, , t. VI, Quaestio de Paupertate : Hist. The text was also included in F. With thanks to Patrick Nold, who was so kind to provide me with a copy of this book. Wadding, Scriptores. Die Wirkkraft der priestlichen Absolution', Franz.

Bonaventure: Franciscan Institute Publications, ; C. Cenci ed. Vital du Four', Coll.

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Jorge J. Steven J. The Thirteenth Century , ed. Stephen F. Brown , ed. Kent Emery jr. Henrik Lagerlund, 2 Vols. Author of several works, none of which seem to have reached the printing press. French friar and member of the Provence province. Magister theologiae and renowned preacher. Took part in the council of Pisa in And subsequenly appointed bishop of Narbonne in Italian friar, poet and musician.

Singing teacher of Salimbene of Parma during the latter's sejourn in Lucca in and Doctor in philosophy and theology. Active in the order schools of Padua and elsewhere. Sermoni predicabili sopra il celebre salmo del profeta David: Miserere mei Deus, devotissimi et al Christiano utilissimi con una meditatione nel fine di ciascun di quelli, fatta a Christo crucifisso, et nel fine posto un fruttuoso sermone della Misericordia divina Messina: Fausto Bufalini, Member and provincial minister of the Romanian province.

Compiler of the vita of Umiliana dei Cerchi. Vita B. Formerly kept in the library of the Santa Croce friary. See also Acta Sanctorum , ed.

Bollandus et al. Entered the Collegium S. After completing his three-year advanced theology education, he first became magister studium in Bologna and later regent lector in the studium of Graz Styria province.

Annali d'Italianistica

He developed into a celebrated preacher, who preached in many of the largest Italian cities, both during the Lenten season and at other occasions. Due to his homiletic reputation, he was asked to become court preacher at the imperial court of Vienna [did this ever come to pass? Also high offices within the Conventual branch general visitator of the Styrian, Austrian, Bohemian, Carinthian, Cologne and Westphalia provinces, guardian of the Venice friary.

Friar from Southern Germany or Switzerland. Probably active as confessor of a female convent or monastery near St. To him probably can be ascribed two mystical religious sayings, as well as a sermon on the nine different kinds of angels. Predigt von den Engeln : MS St.

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Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek pp. This sermon was probably preached in the closing decade of the fourteenth century, on Michaelsday. The manuscript, in which the sermon has survived, and which itself dates from c. George, near St. Active in the London friary by the early s. He is known to have become a subdeacon on 21 July When the situation for the frtiars became problematical, Wager Lewis gradually took his leave from the order.

On 24 March he received permisison from the bishop to wear his Franciscan habit beneath the robes of a secular priest. Several years later, he was a married Protestant vicar. He died over two years later, leaving behind his widow Elenore. During his Protestant years, Wager lewis wrote A new enterlude … of the life and repentaunce of Marie Magdalene, not onlie godlie, learned and fruitefull, but also well furnished with pleasaunt myrth and pastime, very delectable for those which shall hear or reade the same. A Morality Play reprinted from the Original Edition of , ed.

German friar, who entered the theology degree program at Cologne university in , and became magister regens in Remained active as theology professor until , and was Dean of the theology faculty between and Most relevant passages of this graduate student note book have been edited by Clasen.

In he was arbiter in a conflict between the monastery of St.

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Emmeran and the bishop of Regensburg. After , when he is mentioned as a friar from Regensburg in a document referring to the death of Duke Henry of Bavaria, Werner disappears from view. Werner is mostly known for his concise and well-written Soliloquia Liber Soliloquorum. Victor etc.